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USB Type-C™ and Power Delivery Multiport Adapter Reference Design
The TIDA-03027 reference design represents a multiport adapter solution that enables products with a USB Type-C interface to connect to HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 Type-A interfaces. It also includes an additional USB Type-C full feature receptacle, which allows the user to simultaneously connect USB
0°C – 100°C, Hardware-Compensated Ratiometric 3-Wire RTD System Reference Design
This TI Precision Verified Design implements a hardware compensated 3-wire RTD acquisition system that accurately measures temperature from  0°C - 100°C.  The voltage input and reference voltage are placed in a ratiometric configuration in order to reduce the errors from noise and
JESD204B Link Latency Design Using a High Speed ADC
JESD204B links are the latest trend in data-converter digital interfaces. These links take advantage of high-speed serial-digital technology to offer many compelling benefits including improved channel densities. This reference design addresses one of the challenges of adopting the new interface
Three 12-Bit Data Acquisition Reference Designs Optimized for Low Power and Ultra-Small Form Factor
This Verified Precision Design details the design procedure, simulated results, and showcases the actual performance of a 12-bit discrete data acquisition block using the ADS7042, optimized for extremely low power, small form factor applications for the following three different optimizations: 
Equalization Optimization of a JESD204B Serial Link Reference Design
Employing equalization techniques is an effective way of compensating for channel loss in JESD204B high speed serial interfaces for data converters. This reference design features the ADC16DX370, a dual 16-bit, 370 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that utilizes de-emphasis equalization to
Clocking Solution Reference Design for GSPS ADCs
Low cost, high performance clocking solution for GSPS data converters. This reference design discusses the use of a TRF3765, a low noise frequency synthesizer, generating the sampling clock for a 4 GSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC12J4000). Experiments demonstrate data sheet comparable SNR and
Synchronization of JESD204B Giga-Sample ADCs using Xilinx Platform for Phased Array Radar Systems
This system level design shows how two ADC12J4000 evaluation modules (EVMs) can be synchronized together using a Xilinx VC707 platform. The design document describes the required hardware modifications and device configurations, including the clocking scheme. Example configuration files are shown
Power Sequencing for K2E Using UCD9090 with PMBus
The K2E devices require power supplies to be sequenced in a proper order. This design demonstrates power sequencing for the 66AK2Ex and AM5K2Ex families of KeyStone II ARM+DSP and ARM-only multicore processors by use of the UCD9090. The UCD9090 is a 10-rail PMBus/I2C addressable power-supply
Optimal Clock Sources for GSPS ADCs Reference Design
The ADC12D1600RFRB reference design provides a platform to demonstrate a high speed digitizer application which incorporates clocking, power management, and signal processing. The reference design utilizes the 1.6 GSPS ADC12D1600RF device, onboard FPGA Xilinx Virtex 4, and high performance clock
Low-Cost, Flexible Voltage Supervisor and Battery Tester Reference Design
This is a low-cost, flexible voltage supervisor that uses a voltage reference in order to test the voltage of a battery. This solution can also be used as a voltage rail monitor for many applications that require accurate power delivery with multiple rails. With TI's ultra-low power voltage